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Performance analysis of printing and dyeing machinery

Time: 2021-03-10 15:12:32Copyfrom: Wuxi Dejin printing and dyeing machinery factory

The performance of printing and dyeing machinery is divided into structure:the electric push rod is a kind of power driving device.Its installation is not limited by terrain and distance.It is an ideal product to replace hydraulic pressure and air pressure.It can not only save energy consumption,but also realize automation conveniently through microcomputer control.Its working principle is that the electric machine drives a pair of screw nuts after decelerating through the speed change mechanism,so as to turn the motor's rotary motion into a straight line Movement,using the motor to complete the action of vertebra pull,thrust and pull equal.If through a variety of levers,rocker or connecting rod and other mechanisms,can complete the rotation,shaking and other complex movement.

By changing the length of lever arm,the force or stroke can be increased;The push rod is equipped with an automatic overload protection device.When the stroke of the push rod reaches the position or exceeds a certain value of the rated thrust,the push rod will stop automatically to achieve the overload protection function,so that the motor and components will not be damaged.The stroke can be adjusted according to the needs of users.The device has small volume,high sensitivity,convenient adjustment,and is integrated with the push rod to make the appearance of the push rod better More concise and beautiful.

Printing and dyeing machinery accessories

The original knitting continuous bleaching and coloring processes are completed in the intermittent dyeing machine which consumes a lot of water and energy.Instead,the refining and bleaching process is completed by the flattening or cylinder continuous refining and bleaching production line.A new type of continuous refining and bleaching equipment for flattening and cylinder knitted fabrics is developed to fill the gap,including the continuous refining and bleaching production line for knitted fabrics and the mercerizing machine for knitted fabrics.