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Development trend of printing and dyeing equipment

Time: 2021-03-17 15:38:23Copyfrom: Wuxi Dejin printing and dyeing machinery factory

As for the environmental protection of printing and dyeing machinery,it is summarized in this way.In recent years,printing and dyeing equipment is developing in the direction of environmental protection,energy saving,time saving and short process.In addition,computer-based modern information control technology has penetrated into all fields of dyeing and finishing equipment.PLC or IPC are widely used in control system.Touch screen man-machine interface operation and parameter online monitoring system are widely used,which improves the automation of dyeing and finishing equipment and greatly improves the process stability and reproducibility.

Dyeing and finishing production presents the development trend of short process and rate.The corresponding short process and rate process equipment mainly includes cold pad batch pretreatment,wet short steaming pretreatment,rolling mercerization,cold pad batch dyeing,wet short steaming dyeing,rolling dyeing and high liquid feeding device.The development of continuous knitting dyeing equipment can effectively reduce the problems of high energy consumption,high water consumption and high pollution caused by the traditional intermittent production.It has a good demand prospect,such as the development of continuous scouring and bleaching equipment,mercerizing equipment and printing and washing equipment for open width knitted fabrics,and the expansion of the fabric variety adaptability of printing and dyeing equipment such as printing machine and setting machine.