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Automation trend analysis of printing and dyeing machinery

Time: 2021-03-19 16:29:04Copyfrom: Wuxi Dejin printing and dyeing machinery factory

In the past two years,new dyeing and finishing processes,new technologies and new equipment have emerged at home and abroad,showing the vigorous development of the global printing and dyeing machinery industry.Energy saving,environmental protection,is the direction of sustainable development of dyeing and finishing industry in the 21st century.Short process,automation technology,plate less printing technology,low temperature plasma treatment and waterless processing technology are the development trend of dyeing and finishing machinery in the future.Since 2002,China's textile industry has achieved great development,the speed of industrial upgrading has been greatly accelerated,and the purchase volume of textile machinery and equipment has also increased rapidly.In 2002,the import of dyeing and finishing machinery was 618 million US dollars,accounting for 19.4%of the total amount of imported equipment,ranking second;In 2003,China imported 978 million US dollars of dyeing and finishing machinery,accounting for 21.10%of the total amount of imported equipment.

At present,the general trend of dyeing and finishing equipment technology development is:to environmental protection,energy saving,time saving,short process development,pay attention to waterless processing technology,no plate printing technology,low temperature plasma treatment and other new technologies;Another important trend is the wide use of automation technology,transmission system using AC frequency conversion multi unit synchronous speed control system;In terms of control system,PLC or IPC are widely used,parameter online monitoring is widely used,which improves the automation degree of dyeing and finishing equipment,and greatly improves the process stability and reproducibility.

With the development of dyeing and finishing industry,the modern information control technology based on computer has penetrated into all fields of dyeing and finishing machinery.Dyeing and finishing equipment electromechanical integration,automation,man-machine dialogue,process setting,automatic detection and control,remote diagnosis and other means are widely used.In the aspect of ecological dyeing and finishing environmental protection technology,the textile industry is developing rapidly.Manufacturers at home and abroad pay more attention to environmental protection and energy saving.In the design scheme of dyeing equipment,the efficiency of equipment is paid attention to,which is conducive to ecological and environmental protection.They strive to optimize the dyeing process,reduce the consumption of chemicals and energy,so as to achieve the goal of high speed,short process.