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The rolling machine with the unwinding and opening greatly improves the production efficiency!

Time: 2021-03-17 15:46:38Copyfrom: Wuxi Dejin printing and dyeing machinery factory

Advantages of untwist open width mill(reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency)

1.Save one person,one person can operate the whole machine automatically,and one person before and after can do it;

2.Labor saving-Automatic untwisting and edge correction,without manual operation by operators;

3.The first speed can reach 150m/min;

4.Land saving one is that the dyeing cloth is directly dewatered after it comes out of the cylinder,which saves the turnover of the cloth cart caused by dehydration and greatly reduces the use of the cloth cart and the occupation of space;

5.The whole machine is controlled by PLC touch screen,with simple operation and stable performance;

6.The whole machine is made of stainless steel,anti rust and anti-corrosion,clean and beautiful.