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What are the equipment of printing and dyeing machinery?

Time: 2021-03-19 16:13:30Copyfrom: Wuxi Dejin printing and dyeing machinery factory

The equipment of printing and dyeing machinery includes steaming machine,dyeing machine,setting machine,drawing machine,and shrinking machine.Steaming machine is suitable for the finishing of worsted,woolen and blended fabrics.The finished fabrics not only have stable size,smooth and soft handle,good color and luster,but also have high production power,fast speed,gas,electricity and manpower saving,Is now ironing industry for advanced equipment;The mechanical operation is simple and clear,all adopt computer automatic control operation,adopt high-pressure machine internal pumping,drying,steaming,cooling and shaping of physical changes to complete the shaping process,no head and tail difference,high quality.Dyeing machine is an advanced strand dyeing equipment in China.The products not only have good quality,high output,saving dyes and easy operation,but also have the advantages of strong versatility and wide application.It can be used for dyeing strands of various materials:silk,wool,man-made cotton,man-made wool,blended yarn,cotton linen,acrylic knitting yarn,pengti yarn,etc,The equipment can also be used to bleach the bulks of acrylic knitting yarn before dyeing.The suitable skein length is 1220-1830 mm(48"-72")and 60 kinds of long and short skeins can be dyed at the same time.It can also be customized according to the specific requirements of customers,so as to better adapt to longer or shorter strand length,and the pre-treatment and post-treatment can be carried out in this machine.And the shaping machine is the spoke hot air shaping machine;The rasping machine is a raspberry raspberry machine;The shrinking machine is a light shrinking agent.