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How to choose printing and dyeing equipment?

Time: 2021-03-15 15:22:45Copyfrom: Wuxi Dejin printing and dyeing machinery factory

The selection of printing and dyeing equipment can not be aimless,just like a headless fly,but to understand the current printing and dyeing products in the market position,development space,product quality level,small batch,type,characteristics,etc.Only in this way can we choose the appropriate printing and dyeing equipment according to the needs.

According to the quality level of printing and dyeing products,the selection of printing and dyeing equipment.Before the selection,we should do a good job in the market and printing and dyeing products research,the market and products for accurate market positioning.Then,according to the needs of the market and the needs of the products,the corresponding technology and equipment should be selected.The equipment selected should be advanced,practical and applicable.In general,it is necessary to first determine the grade and grade of the product,whether the product belongs to high-grade product or ordinary quality product,and then determine whether it will be used as high-grade fabric for import or export.

Secondly,according to the characteristics and needs of knitted objects to select suitable printing and dyeing equipment.The printing and dyeing equipment should be selected according to the characteristics and demands of knitted objects,the scale of production process,the proportion of products and the nature of products,and the printing and dyeing process and technological skills.

After that,the scientific and technological content of the selected printing and dyeing equipment should keep up with the advanced level at home and abroad.Although some domestic printing and dyeing products manufacturers have imported foreign production equipment,the management methods of management and control personnel for the equipment have not changed substantially.The management is lack of scientificity,the control is lack of delicacy,and the whole production process is lack of strict detection and control.

From the point of view of some printing and dyeing products manufacturers in our country,the processing device is not the key,the key problem should be the product quality and problems,which need to rely on science and technology to avoid.Therefore,when choosing printing and dyeing equipment,we must choose the equipment that processing technology can keep up with.